How to Download SAYA

as a Beta Tester


Receive an invite link.

Because SAYA is currently in Beta testing, you must receive a special invite link to access the app. If for some reason you haven’t received this link yet, please email us here, and we will send you one.


Open invitation and click “View in TestFlight”.

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If TestFlight app is not yet on your phone, follow the 3-step instructions shown in this screenshot.

Make sure to save the code in step 3 somewhere; you may need it later.

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Open TestFlight.

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Follow the prompts to Accept, Install, and Open SAYA Habit Tracker.

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Once SAYA is opened you will go through some preview screens and then be asked to sign in to SAYA using your Apple ID.

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SAYA opens to the Main Screen you are ready to begin beta testing!

Here are instructions for creating your program and how to use the app. Happy habit tracking!

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Notes for Beta Testers

• During the beta testing period we may issue an update to the app. If that happens you will receive a TestFlight email letting you know there is a new version. First, tap and hold the SAYA icon until it is wiggling and then delete it. Next, open up TestFlight and tap Install. Once you reopen SAYA it may take 1-2 minutes to reload all of your data.

• If you encounter a problem with the app - something does not appear to be working correctly, the app is repeatedly crashing, etc. - please notify me immediately and I will get the development team on it. It will help to have the exact situation details so that they can try to reproduce the problem.

• Sometimes, particularly when you first open the app in the morning, there is a delay between when you tap something and when you get a response. Rather than tapping repeatedly just give it a few seconds. The tapping delays can also occur when you open the app after not having used it for an hour or more. If you are trying to enter a score and nothing is happening when you tap or swipe, just give it 10 seconds or so to reconnect with the server and it should become responsive once. Rapidly tapping repeatedly can occasionally cause the app to crash.

• If the app crashes, just shut it down and restart. You should not lose any data, but if it crashed when you were entering a score it’s a good idea to verify if the new score was accepted or not.

• There is no limit to the number of Activities or Categories you can add.

• SAYA only works on iPhone 11 or later running iOS version 14 or later.

• Please document things that do not work or could be improved as well as features you would like to see added to the app. Once you have been using the app for a few weeks, please fill out the survey I will send. All feedback, positive or negative, is welcome.

Thanks for being a part of our beta testing program!